Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shout Out mix

Nobody is really friends in rap these days, but years ago it was common for rappers to shout out their boys on their albums. Some cats (mostly west coast rappers) would even include a "shout out" song, usually the last track of an album. Here is a mix of a few such records; I kept it under 30 minutes.

No rapping; just rappers saying wassup.

1. MVP's - Ice-T
2. Shout Outs - Naughty By Nature
3. Finale - Big Daddy Kane
4. Tha Last Word - DJ Quik
5. Outro - KAM
6. I Gotta Say What's Up!!! - Ice Cube
7. Shots Out - Kokane
8. R.I.P. - Spice-1
9. Shouts Out - South Central Cartel
10. Shots Out - Compton's Most Wanted
11. Music To Driveby - Compton's Most Wanted


  1. what's up what's up this is s dot k dot, i'll take a few of these files..

  2. ^^^^ Simon if you're wondering.. (the link's just a joke..)

  3. No House of Pain in this? Shocking!