Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hotbox - Boxploitation EP (2008)

Released online as a free download, the Boxploitation EP generated an overwhelmingly positive response within the online hip-hop community. Featuring a small group of up-and-coming Maritime rappers, the sound of this concept album is a throwback to the golden age of hip-hop.

1. Knowledge Is Wealth (Radar)
2. Yee-Haw (remix) (Lee Fitz & Radar)
3. Squeal Snaps (Sampson & Mischif)
4. Hot Grits (Sampson)
5. One Life To Live (Mischif)
6. Rent Money (Heartz)
7. Call Of Duty (ArchNME)

Artwork: Nayles for Nayles Design

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  1. This link is broken, cant download it