Monday, April 13, 2009

Hotbox - Frostbite (2007)

Released during the Christmas 2006 season, Frostbite recieved much love from critics and fans alike. Featuring high profile guest appearances from the legendary MC Lyte and Sean Price, this was the first release from the now-defunct Classy Criminal Records. Includes the ECMA-nominated song "make 'Em Holla" by Expedyte and Bonshah.

Artwork: Varnson Productions
Mastered by: Dexter Doolittle

1. Warning Shot (Miracle)
2. Spit That Murder (Spesh K, Johnny Hardcore & Y-Rush)
3. The Wonder Years remix (MC Lyte)
4. Non-Stop (Bush, Shiest & Nayles)
5. Political Science (Lee Fitz, Bush & Mischif)
6. Narcolepsy (Quake, Shiest, Lee Fitz & Boy-Ill)
7. Got It Locked (Jofo & Mick D)
8. Decipher This (Radar)
9. Them Newfie Boyz (Johnny Hardcore, Radar, & Lee Fitz)
10. Best Friend (Jay Bizzy & Sean Price)
11. Make 'Em Holla (Bonshah & Expedyte)
12. Markit Places (Markit)

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