Friday, May 8, 2009

Hotbox Sample Series #2: "Handclapping Song" (The Meters)

There elements of the original track - the intro guitar break, the "clap ya hands now" vocal, and the drum/handclap break - have been sampled many times. All of the songs in this mix contain one or more of these pieces. I'm especially diggin' the Chi-Ali joint, which is pretty much a Native Tounges posse cut with a Chi-Ali 12 bar at the end. And no, I'm not from the Fax. . .it's a possible track for one or more rappers, presumably out of Halifax.

The Meters' 1970 album "Struttin" is littered with familiar breaks. I may feature another cut from the album for a future sample mix. The group's trademark scratchy guitar funk sound is firmly in place here, and the rhythm section is nice, tight, and choppy. Enjoy!

1. Handclapping Song - The Meters 0.43
2. Clap Your Hands - A Tribe Called Quest 3.12
3. The Symphony Pt. 2 - Marley Marl feat. Masta Ace, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G. Rap 3.50
4. Klap Ya Hands - Das Efx 1.40
5. Put Your Hands Together - Eric B. & Rakim 4.02
6. I'm From The Fax - Hotbox 1.44
7. Let The Horns Blow - Chi-Ali feat. Black Sheep, The Beatnuts, & Phife Dawg 5.14
8. Crumbsnatcher - Illegal feat. Diamond D. 2.43
9. Escape From Reality - Positively Black 0.57
10. Beauty And The Beat - Salt 'N' Pepa 0.25
11. DJ Premier In Deep Concentration - Gang Starr 1.02
12. Same Ol' Thang - Del Tha Funkee Homosapien 2.46

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  1. box doesn't take time off for no one, from the PTA to the MPC. that should be the name of your next album hahaha. Hit me up, I need a favor and maybe we can do a lil exchange for some 16's you need recorded. Holla