Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hotbox Sample Series #7: God Made Me Funky

Not that G'd up Hammer album from way back. This week's sample mix marks the first time this series has featured a drum break. . .well, for the most part anyway. The drums that kick off the Headhunter's "God Made Me Funky" track has provided the foundation for a number of hip-hop songs, many of which are featured here. The original track's primary guitar/bass loop has also been mined, and these faster-tempo songs are featured toward the end of the mix.

Ironically, Kool Moe Dee's song of the same name does not sample the track.

1. God Made Me Funky - The Headhunters 1.41
2. Underwater Rimes - Digital Underground 4.15
3. Pease Porridge - De La Soul 4.18
4. Take It Off - De La Soul 1.30
5. To The Listeners - Eric B. & Rakim 3.14
6. Bring The Beat Back - Steady B. 0.48
7. Braggin' & Boastin' - Jungle Brothers 2.00
8. Albee Square Mall - Biz Markie 1.36
9. Approach To Danger - NWA 2.07
10. Headhunters Interlude 1.02
11. No Mercy - Low Profile 2.11
12. Down To A Science - Downtown Science 3.16

#7: God Made Me Funky (The Headhunters) 27.35

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