Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hotbox Sample Series #5: "Blind Alley" (The Emotions)

The piano/drum break at the beginning of The Emotions' 1971 hit "Blind Alley" has been sampled many times over the years. Marley Marl gets props for first using it for the first time on Big Daddy kane's 1988 breakout hit "Ain't No Half-Steppin'", then gets most of those props revoked for re-using the same sample years later (and not flipping it differently or even changing the tempo) for LL's track. To trim the tracklisting, I pretty much just used songs that incorporated the piano, as some producers have just lifted the 1/2-bar drum break portion. The exception to that rule would be my favorite of the bunch, Ice Cube's post-1992 Rodney King LA riot ghetto report.

For a more thorough compilation (but not mixed), click here

1. Blind Alley - The Emotions 1.35
2. Ain't No Half-Steppin' - Big Daddy Kane 3.53
3. Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag - LL Cool J 2.20
4. Alley Cat - Hotbox 1.44
5. Organize - Chubb Rock 3.19
6. Jiggable Pie - AMG 2.16
7. Sound Of The Zeekers - Leaders Of The New School 0.30
8. We Don't Have A Plan B - Redhead Kingpin & The FBI 1.57
9. We Had To Tear This Muthafucka Up - Ice Cube 4.21
10. Comin' For Datazz - Gang Starr 1.48
11. Reggie Noble Meets Redman - Redman 2.27
12. Phony Rappers - A Tribe Called Quest 2.10
13. Funk Wit Da Style - Craig Mack 4.33

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